If it is to overcome the problems of HIV and AIDS, poverty and prejudice, South Africa needs solutions which are sustainable, not temporary.

We believe that the assistance we give people should be more than hand-outs which foster dependency on charity. We offer life, job and business skills to empower people, enabling them to become self-sufficient. If, instead of giving a food parcel, we give someone the helping hand to start a new business, they can hope to trade their way out of poverty, and eventually to become an employer and giver themselves.

Sustainability through Business start-up and trade

Our Empowerment programmes focus on giving people entrepreneurial skills. Over the last decade businesses started on the Project Gateway site have grown to become large employers, and so are helping others escape the poverty trap - without depending on financial aid. Women originally trained in dressmaking have gone on to become translators, instructors and township creche coordinators.

Sustainability through education and social development

If projects answer immediate needs with only non-sustainable support, the requirement for assistance is never ending. We work towards making our aid projects redundant - by tackling the root cause of the problems, i.e. family breakdown which contributes to the transmission of HIV/AIDS, and mis-education leading to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies.

Project Gateway as a self-sufficient organisation

In order for Project Gateway to be sustainable, a number of profit making ventures have been undertaken over the years.  These include:

  • Issachar Trust which is responsible for
    • Tourism (including our 'state of the art' Museum)
    • Conference venues
    • Volunteers, and
    • Events
  • Gateway Enterprises Trust - the profit making branch of Project Gateway
  • The People’s Caring Fund, a UK-based trust supporting Project Gateway; and
  • The American Fund for Charities,  a US-based trust supporting Project Gateway