This programme was set up following a donation of laptop computers from a church in the UK, in 2011.  Training in basic computer skills provides people with essential 21st century, job related skills and empowers the disadvantaged. Aiming for participants to become qualified in computer literacy and develop the potential to become productive individuals in their communities, our initial objectives were:                                                                               

  • To provide training in how to operate a personal computer
  • To provide training in Microsoft Word 
  • To build confidence in those looking for work or further training
  • To improve the quality of life for learners by providing them with job-related skills.

Since the programme began, we have trained a number of groups totalling more than 650 learners.  Initially training the learners in how to operate a personal computer and in basic word processing, we have now added courses in Excel and Internet/email.  

The course has now also been extended to Grade 7 learners at Gateway Christian School.

If you are interested in joining one of our courses, please contact us for details of costs and start dates.