Since it began, there have always been a number of different projects operating under the umbrella of Project Gateway. They have all aimed to meet the needs of the poor and empower the disadvantaged. The number of projects and the needs that they seek to address is constantly changing.

Project Gateway as its name suggests, has always been intended as a ‘Gateway’ for projects and individuals, rather than a place to stay forever, and over time the individuals and groups which have been cared for and nurtured are able to establish themselves as independent projects and are then ready to move on. This then allows others to come in so that they can also be mentored and developed. Past projects that have run their course or have become independent, are listed below. Some projects now running independently now have their own websites, which can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

  • Business Development Programme - providing training in business skills, marketing support and mentoring for entrepreneurs starting new businesses
  • Community Care Project - tackling the HIV and AIDS problem in South Africa.
  • Duduza- providing care for children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS
  • Esther House - providing care, support and shelter for vulnerable women and their children who have suffered domestic abuse.
  • Pregnancy Care Centre - providing counselling, advice, pregnancy testing and accommodation for women in crisis, in the last stages of pregnancy
  • Rural Home Industries - training disadvantaged women in skills such as sewing, knitting, baking and basic healthcare in rural communities.