There are a number of ways in which you can participate in the work of Project Gateway:


We need the global church to join us in praying for miracles in South Africa.

Violent crimes are commonplace and the murder rate is seven times that of the USA. Current statistics suggest that a murder per hour is committed and a rape every four minutes. Pray for a decrease in violent crime and that Christians would be able to make an impact in this hurting society.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is tearing the nation apart. 1,200 victims are buried each day and nearly half a million children are orphaned. Over 20% of the population and a third of all teachers are affected. Pray for effective solutions to slow down this trend. Pray for Child-headed families and all families affected by HIV/AIDS and TB.

Pray that there would be strength, unity and vision for the church in South Africa.

Nearly half the population is under 20. Many young people are poor and can easily get involved with violence and crime. Pray for this generation and Christians who work with them.

Pray for South Africa as it sees changes in the ANC party and for the impact new policies will have on poor communities. Pray that internal politics within the party will not detract from dealing with issues of HIV, crime and poverty. Pray that the transition in leadership will be peaceful and that tribal rivalries won’t lead to violence or fighting. Pray that the future leadership of South Africa will lead with integrity and honesty, and Godly wisdom.

Pray for poor communities living in material and spiritual poverty. Approximately 48% of people in South AFrica are living below the poverty line.

Pray for funding for Project Gateway so that we can help the poorest of the poor where it is most needed.


Fundraising is one of the most significant ways in which Project Gateway, as a non-profit organisation, may obtain money for the community development projects, resources, facilities and programmes it wishes to run.

Churches, educational establishments, scout groups etc - even individuals can all play a role in helping us to raise the funds for our projects!

Try this fundraising ideas page:


Every year, teams and individual volunteers come from all over the world to assist on Gateway projects. Without their help, many tasks would not be accomplished. For more information, visit our Volunteers and Teams page.



You can make a one off donation towards our work, or your could become a regular supporter.  To do either of these, click here