30 Year Celebration - May 2021

30 Years of the Gateway taking people from poverty to prosperity.  30 weeks to D-DAY!!


It is now less than 30 weeks until we celebrate the handing over of the “keys” to the Old Prison by the Department of Public Works.

Our “fundraiser” of 30’s has been launched and we will run this though until October 2021.

We request you all to donate R30, £30, $30 or €30 to our “renovate the Chapel” fundraiser.  Our total requirement is R130,000. (One hundred and thirty thousand rands;  £6,500; US$ 8,500 or €7,500.) for the refurbishment of the Chapel.


We mentioned last month that the Mercy Ministries started and one of the largest was the Feeding Scheme.  A true Miracle of God.


The El Ninio drought was affecting communities all over the world but in particular in KwaZulu Natal.  Crops had failed and people were hungry; children were going to school with no food in their stomachs and generally the Church was grappling to know what to do to assist.  Dr. Brian Andrews met with the Minister of Health at the time who told him that the Department had funds allocated for a feeding scheme but no one to implement the programme.  Project Gateway stepped in.  At the height of the feeding scheme the 4 vehicles were travelling 32000 sq. kilometers, delivering food for 30,000 people per day for a period of 2 years through various Churches.  An enormous task done.   


The Hard Skills training that was undertaken gave us recognition and status as an Enterprise Development Centre.  In 2000 we were appointed as a Local Business Service Centre by the Ntsika Enterprise Promotion Agency in Pretoria.  Through this acknowledgement we subscribed to the Code of Ethics as set out by the Ntsika Agency.

We were very proud of this recognition.



Our Hard skills programmes worked closely with the Community Development officer who requested that we assist the people living in Hopewell Township with a bridge across the river.  The river was often in flood and dangerous for all who worked on neighboring farms.  The Blockmaking section laid the foundations for a bridge, the Metalwork students made and placed the 2 long holding beams across the river and the Woodwork learners placed the actual bridge panels onto the structure and a wonderful bridge was built.  This made it much safer for the local community to cross over the river.