The start of 2021 - Term 1

From the desk of our CEO

As I write this update article on what Project Gateway has been involved with during 2021 I am reminded as to where we have come from this past year.  The end of 2020 saw us PG grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 situation in South Africa and the fact that this dreadful pandemic had raised its ugly head again especially in KwaZulu Natal during December. 

It is now less than 30 weeks until we celebrate the handing over of the “keys” to the Old Prison by the Department of Public Works.   Our “fundraisers” of 30’s has been launched.

The first fundraiser is to received donations of 30 flat screens for our revamped Computer Centre at Gateway Christian School

We would also request anyone who would like to, to donate R30, £30, $30 or €30 to our “renovate the Chapel” fundraiser.  Our total requirement is R130,000. (One hundred and thirty thousand Rands;  £6,500; US$ 8,500 or €7,500.) for the refurbishment of the Chapel.

The COVID increase in cases resulted in our Gateway Christian School starting the 1st Term later than usual, our learners returned on 15th February. We currently have 340 children in our school which means we are at full capacity this year.

The Gateway School of Fashion (GSF)ran the 2020 year into the 2021 year due to COVID-19.  We held a very successful Judging and photo shoot at the end of February 2021 for the last year’s learners.  Our new intake of learners started on 15th March 2021 for Year 1 learning as well as Year 2 learning. We have a few spaces in Year 1 but Year 2 if full.  We also received a very large donation of materials at GSF for which we are most grateful and would like to thank the donor so much for thinking of us and our needy learners.

Our Early Childhood Development centre’s  facilitation programme continues and although this started off very slowly this year all ECD centre’s have opened we continue to monitor them on a regular basis.

Some exciting developments are our representation on the ABELUSI Board.  This is an international body that requested us to submit “projects” for help and consideration.  We have submitted the refurbishment of the C Block building that was partially destroyed by fire in December 2016.  We would like to extend the existing Museum into this building.  We plan to recognize the 25 “Chiefs” who were exiled to St. Helena Island for their part in the Bambatha Rebellion of 1906.   We have a list of the names of these “Chiefs”.  (Reference “Remembering the REBELLION – The Zulu uprising of 1906 by Jeff Guy- Page 171).

We have also submitted a Community empowered food security and gardening Project to ABELUSI for consideration. 

There are exciting times ahead, we believe as we continue to elaborate on our programmes of assisting people out of the poverty trap.  We invite you to walk these paths with us and help the local community better themselves.



CEO Jabu Mnculwane