Heritage Blog 3

Once time has been spent in the Museum Building downstairs, visitors may visit the Kasturba Gandhi Exhibition on the first floor.  We also have a reading room and a computer educational room for research purposes. Once complete, visitors leave the Main Historical Block to an external interpretation point with information on the hangings that took place from the upper story window. An interpretive Board outside the building depicts this.


Execution Block

Access to this block is restricted and accompanied by a guide and only during times when the meeting room is not in use by Project Gateway. External interpretation outside the building specifies its use and details some of the executions that took place here.



The Chapel has been developed as an additional conference venue for Project Gateway. It is used on a regular basis by many of the Founding Churches as well as the Project Gateway staff.  Access is restricted and accompanied by a guide only. External interpretation explains the original use of the building.


Prisoner Holding Area / Dining area.

External interpretation in this area explains its use as a holding area for prisoners.

Visitors view the lines still visible on the tar.


Gandhi Exhibition  (damaged by fire in 20018)

Visitors conclude their structured tour of the Prison with a visit to the cell where Gandhi is supposed to have been incarcerated. It is in no way certain that this was the case – Gandhi in his own writing places himself in Bloemfontein during the period in question. However, it is the intention to theme the cell around the Gandhi links to Pietermaritzburg in general, and the incarceration of his wife at this facility and her involvement in the women’s protests in particular. Interventions will include external interpretation defining the use of the building, and limited access to this cell only which will incorporate sound, specialist lighting and static displays.   


Old Victorian Administration Block –

This block is now used as offices for various sections of Project Gateway.