Project Gateway managed to access a portion of funding to go ahead with site renovation at Gateway Christian School. 

Due to the increase in the number of children we embarked on the process of leveling an area at the school that would give a far bigger area to be used as a field for football, athletics etc.

During May 2019 work began on the new Sports field. 

An added complication was an existing sewer line in the way and this had to be moved in accordance with Municipal regulations.

The first phase was the removal of some of the trees which also had to be cleared away.










Then the levelling of the ground started that required a grader. Much to our advantage the company we were hiring the grader from  was already working on the new Edendale road (a road above Project Gateway) construction and so the contractor hired it to us at a nominal rate.  Once we had levelled the area we needed to plant grass seeds before the summer rainy season.  This we managed to do in September and the grass began to cover the new field before the heavy rains started.



Once we had completed the field we were able to fund the drilling of a borehole at the school.  Fortunately this hit a wonderful stream 140 meters down which yielded a result of almost 1000litres of water per hour for 6 hours a day.  We then allow it to recover for another 6 hours. This in total gives us up to 12000 liters per day. This water is used for flushing of toilets.  



During the early part of 2020 we finished cementing the courtyard between the two classroom blocks at the Pre Primary section of the school.  We also laid pipes under the cement which would channel rain water from the courtyard and the roof of the 8 classrooms into new Jo-Jo water tanks that we placed below the classroom block. This water can be used for the upkeep of the grounds and can also be channeled into the toilet system at the school. We anticipate water saving once this is completed and fully operational.


About the author


Jason Padayachee (Matthew)


Came to Project Gateway in May or June of 2013, was invited by my Pastor, Ps. Kevin T. Francis of Bethany Church. I was part of the leadership at Bethany Church and Church Treasurer.

Ps. Kevin was a board member at PG at the time and “persuaded” me to help PG with some maintenance work. It was only a 3 month contract to complete a bit of work at Craft Shop.


Towards the end of my contract, a position at Gateway Christian School in the finance department was advertised which I applied for, as I was qualified for this position. I was employed permanently at GCS by August September 2013. Over time I started supervising the school support staff. As time continued I was going between Project Gateway maintenance GCS finance and worked with the Teams that came to PG.


In 2015; I took over the New Classroom project, was taken out of GCS finance, and became Site Manager. A day before the new classrooms could open; I almost died from a fire at the school. I was in hospital for 7 days and away from work for almost a month. Both my hands and half my face was burnt with 2nd degree burns. I am glad to say I made a full recovery and returned to what I loved doing at GCS & PG.


At the beginning when I started at PG in 2013, I was reluctant to start full time employment at PG because I loved what I was doing; being my own boss!  It was Ps. Kevin that persuaded me. It only took a few months for PG to grow on me.  Now I can’t imagine working any else and this is only because of God, the people at PG and the work that we do here.