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The late 1980s was a time of intense political turmoil in the Pietermaritzburg area. Pastors from various churches realised that the church could no longer ignore the situation, and Project Gateway was formed as a response to the immense need that surrounded them. In 1991, The Old Prison became available following its closure in 1989 and was given to Project Gateway to use. It was converted into a centre for community development projects. Through these projects, the Church was able to help people in crisis, providing care, education and empowerment to those in need.

Given the alarming statistics around poverty, unemployment, HIV/AIDS pandemic levels, and the vulnerability of certain groups within our society, we aim to run effective and dynamic programmes, changing lives and impacting communities.

Over the years, Project Gateway has supported a huge variety of projects as they reached out to the local communities. Today, twenty-five years on, we aim to equip and empower local people through our care, education and empowerment programmes:


Project Gateway have fed over 21 million people to date. We currently support 15 crèches as well as one opposite the Old Prison run by Project Gateway staff. The Sunset Overnight Shelter on our premises has provided a safe haven, a meal and counselling to over 205 000 homeless people.


Gateway Christian School, a registered independent primary school, seeks to provide good quality education at affordable fees for many of the children in the local area who would not normally have access to such a level of education.

We currently have 550+ children from Grades R through to Grade 7, and are in the process of building four new classrooms as the school continues to expand.


Our Empowerment programmes comprise the Business Training Course, Gateway School of Fashion, a Computer Literacy Training School and a mentorship programme for local crafters.

Since the training programmes started, we have empowered hundreds of people, some of whom are now running their own successful small businesses. Providing practical training in areas of creative product design, business and marketing strategies, as well as life skills such as human rights and HIV/AIDS awareness, this training and mentoring enables people to take action for positive change within their lives and communities.